The presence of so much water in its wonderful natural environment is one of the most important features of this beautiful city on the Yellow River. It is home to numerous springs, which in turn are home to beautiful lotus flowers.

Lotus flowers in the springs

The capital of Shandong province is the economic, political, cultural and commercial heart of the region. Climbing Mount Tai, the first of the sacred mountains of ancient China, is a beautiful way to start discovering Jinan. The Temple of Confucius is a historical monument in the city to which followers of the great philosopher and thinker make regular pilgrimages. The Thousand Buddha Mountain, with images of the Buddha carved into the rocky cliffs, is also a major place of worship. Its numerous natural springs include Baotu, Black Tiger, Pearl and the pool of the Five Dragons. Visiting the Shandong Historical Museum is also a great way of learning more about Chinese culture.

The official currency is the renminbi. We recommend you bring cash as some places do not accept credit cards.
The official language is Chinese. In its most tourist areas, the locals know some basic English.
The city has several free Wi-Fi hotspots. In areas further away from urban centres there may be some problems with the signal.
Winters are cold, with temperatures that can drop below 0⁰C, and the summers are hot, with an average of 28⁰C.

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