Its industrial and mining past is still present today in large part of this vibrant German city in the Ruhr district. The artistic culture of the city can be seen in its numerous museums and art galleries.

Industrial past, artistic present

Furnaces and tall towers still dot a city that has now replaced coal with the theatre, music and art. At the Bergbau Museum, one of the most popular in all of Germany, you can visit a coal mine from the last century. Outdoors there are lovely walks on offer in any of the city parks, plus outdoor concerts and activities. Beers still made with ancient recipes are made in the oldest building in the city. Don't leave without trying them!

The official currency is the euro. Foreign currency can be easily exchanged at banks and exchange offices.
The official language in the Ruhr area is German. English is very widely spoken.
Internet access is generally good. There are not many public Wi-Fi hotspots in the city.
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Summers are warm and partly cloudy, while winters are long, very cold, windy and cloudy.

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