Hotel a Quang Binh

This idyllic region in North Vietnam is famous worldwide for its caves, forests and jungles. The ideal destination for travellers aiming to enjoy nature, far from the big cities and mass tourism.

Relax and enjoy the natural energy

This is a very popular destination for cavers. Phong Nha National Park is home to the Son Doong Cave, one of largest natural caves in the world. It’s an attraction that you really have to see if you visit Quang Binh on holiday. Some of the numerous caves in the region also have natural mud baths, highly recommended for soothing the mind and refreshing your skin. The caves, grottoes and mountains in the interior are a wonderful contrast with the fine white sand of the beaches on the coast. We recommend you end your trip on the beaches of Da Nhay or Nhat, where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the delicious local fish.

Hotel kami dalam Quang Binh

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a large indoor pool with arched windows
a large outdoor restaurant with tables and chairs
a restaurant with tables and chairs
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boats on the water next to a village
a green hills with bushes
a cave with a body of water
Mata uang
The official currency is the dong. We recommend you carry cash to pay in markets and small shops.
The official language is Vietnamese. A good part of the people in tourist areas speak some basic English.
In areas far from towns and cities there may be problems with the signal. Internet access is good in hotels.
The climate is mild and warm. The monsoons mean that rainfall is significant throughout the year.

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