Hotel a La Palma

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, this small Spanish island is a hiking paradise. Named a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, with scenery dotted with volcanoes such as Teneguía or Cumbre Vieja, and always with the sea as a backdrop.

The greenest island in the Atlantic

Start a tour of La Palma in the capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma. The charming colonial architecture is one of the most attractive features in this old fishing village, with its narrow cobbled streets and carved wooden balconies. Outside the city, hiking is the best way to explore the island's natural treasures. The best-known area on La Palma is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. In the Los Tilos Forest the plants are extraordinarily exuberant, especially the giant ferns in Cubo de la Galga. Don’t miss taking a dip in the Charco Azul, a collection of large natural pools. The Mirador del Roque de los Muchachos is the highest point on the island and offers stunning panoramic views you will never forget.

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a pool with chairs and a body of water
a table and chairs outside with palm trees and a beach in the background
a beach with buildings and a body of water
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a room with a couch and a table
a room with a bed and a television
a balcony with chairs and a table overlooking the ocean
a large body of water next to a beach
a pool with chairs and umbrellas on the side
  • Kids club
  • Ruang pertemuan
  • Acara
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a rocky cliffs and water
a view of a mountain with buildings and clouds in the sky
a row of colorful buildings with plants on balconies
a courtyard with tables and chairs in front of a building
a waterfall in a forest
Mata uang
The currency used is the euro. Credit card payments are very popular in most tourist facilities.
The official language is Spanish with peculiarities typical of the Canary Islands such as the “h” at the end of words or before consonants.
In the most isolated there are usually connectivity problems. The quality of Internet access is good in hotels.
They say that the island has the best climate in the world. In winter, the temperature ranges between 18⁰C and 22⁰C. In summer, between 28⁰C and 30⁰C.

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