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Awaken the senses with light, colour and sound 


The enigmatic and little known Myanmar, formerly Burma, has awaken the interest of tourists from all over the world keen to discover the ancient beauty of one of the few destinations untouched by mass tourism that remain in the world today. In this ancient kingdom of south east Asia it is as if time has stood still perpetuated to this day. One of the places not to be missed is the attractive and vital city of Rangoon. Its artistic and historic value and its stunning temples and profound spirituality deeply effect the traveller. The former capital of Myanmar until 2005 continues to be the country's neurological centre. You will be surprised by the impressive mix of races and cultures, the spectacular religious architecture, the lively markets, and the busy streets full of light, colour and sound… And here is the stunning Shwedagon Padoga, the most sacred and visited in the country. There is no other place like it on earth. The pagoda holds within its interior eight heads of Buddha, assembled like a giant golden bell resting on top of a hill.

And don't leave Rangoon without visiting Chinatown, in the heart of the city and full of restaurants and bars; see the famous local market of Bagyoke Aung San where you will find all kinds of the country's handicraft; enjoy a train ride through the city and its surroundings; relax in Bogyoke Park, the largest in the city; enjoy the panoramic views from the Sakura Tower, the city's tallest building and one of its most modern; cross the Yangon River and visit the village of Dala where the people still live in bamboo houses in narrow, semi-paved streets. Come to Rangoon and discover a new world that will awaken all five senses. 


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