Jugglers, storytellers, snake charmers, magicians, acrobats, monkeys, small handicraft and spice stalls, bars, restaurants and cafés… and all this only in the Djemaa el Fna Square, the heart of the city. Can you imagine the rest?

A huge open-air circus

The atmosphere in this imperial city in North Africa will amaze you. Palaces, mosques, gardens and souks combine in one of the most important cultural centres in Morocco. If you are planning to travel to Marrakech, be prepared, because the list of essential places to visit is endless. The 12th century Koutoubia Mosque is the largest in the city. Bahia Palace was built at the end of the 19th century with the intention to make it the most spectacular palace in the world. An experience you must not miss in Marrakech is haggling in the souk, a maze full of handicraft shops of every kind. After the bustle of the souk, pause for a mint tea in a Riad, the typical houses with cool interior courtyards and numerous arches. Don’t miss the Jardin Majorelle, a source of inspiration for the prestigious French couturier Yves Saint Laurent.

Mata uang
The official currency is the dirham. We recommend you carry cash to buy in souks and street stalls.
The most widely spoken languages are classical Arabic and Moroccan Arabic, which is the most widely spoken. French is also an official language.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. Some bars and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi to customers.
The climate is Mediterranean with very hot summers and humid winters with little rain. The average temperature in summer is 38⁰C.

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