Hotels in Playa del Carmen

Time stands still in this magnificent resort on the Riviera Maya. Relax on any of its beaches, go shopping on Fifth Avenue or dance until dawn in its lively nightclubs. The plan is up to you!

Our hotels in Playa del Carmen

a pool with a building and trees
a swimming pool with palm trees and buildings
a pool with palm trees and buildings in the background
a wooden walkway with railings and trees
a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees
  • Di pinggir pantai
  • Program wellness
  • Kamar dengan kolam renang pribadi
a pool and palm trees in a resort
a group of buildings with a pool and trees around it
a pool with plants in it
a pool in front of a building
a water park with a slide and a pool
  • Taman wisata air
  • Di pinggir pantai
  • Kamar keluarga
a water in a cave with Ik Kil in the background
a woman walking down a street with colorful signs and umbrellas
a beach with palm trees and blue water
a body of water with trees and a hut

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SUDA® Holistic Weekend

  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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