A lively cultural life makes Sao Paulo a city where it’s impossible to get bored. A dynamic place which absolutely must be visited by lovers of art in all its forms.

Cultural and business dynamism

Home to some of the most prestigious universities in Brazil, Campinas combines an industrial and business environment with a cultural and bohemian lifestyle. The city is a benchmark in both the business and cultural worlds in Brazil. It offers a large number of theatres, cinemas, museums and street art on many corners. Visit the parks, especially Portugal Park, get lost in the picturesque district of Cambuí or visit the huge Mormon temple with its beautiful panoramic views: just a few of the experiences that are worth trying in Campinas.

Mata uang
The official currency is the Brazilian real. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
Portuguese is the official language of the country. English is also widely spoken.
The city has many free public Wi-Fi hotspots. The signal is generally good.
The climate is warm and temperate. The average temperature is 21⁰C, and it usually rains all year.

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