A lively cultural life makes Sao Paulo a city where it’s impossible to get bored. A dynamic place which absolutely must be visited by lovers of art in all its forms.

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a tall white building with many windows
a group of buildings with trees in the background
a group of buildings with trees in the background
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  • 거동이 불편한 사람들에게 적합
  • 체육관
  • 패밀리 룸
a group of ducks swimming in a lake
a building with a palm tree and people walking on the street
a street lamp in front of a row of colorful buildings
The official currency is the Brazilian real. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
Portuguese is the official language of the country. English is also widely spoken.
The city has many free public Wi-Fi hotspots. The signal is generally good.
The climate is warm and temperate. The average temperature is 21⁰C, and it usually rains all year.

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