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Chef célèbre

Le Mixologue

  • Cuisine méditerranéenne
  • Vue sur la mer

A dining experience focused on local products that reproduces the maritime arts and techniques of the iconic S'Amarador Restaurant, recognised as the best restaurant on the island for Menorcan cuisine and specialising in fresh fish, rice dishes and lobster bisque.

Chef célèbre

Le Raw Bar

  • Cuisine locale
  • Vue sur la mer

A tribute to the best local ingredients from the island, all served raw by Joan Canals. A taste of both the sea and the land, such as fresh fish and shellfish or the famous Mahon cheeses, always accompanied by signature cocktails, beers and vermouths.


  • Grillades au charbon de bois
  • Vue sur la mer

Nivi is the definition of the purest white, at one with the beauty of the Mediterranean. Delicious grilled dishes and magnificent paellas, always using only the finest ingredients, accompanied by a choice of cocktails created by Joan Canals.

Le Rooftop

  • Vue sur la mer

A lounge with enviable views of the Mediterranean, a bar full of character, a swimming pool, rest area and sundeck. A perfect combination of sunsets, drinks and nocturnal happenings in the most exclusive ambience.

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