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Cape Nao

    With breathtaking sunsets overlooking Phu Quoc’s beautiful skyline, our restaurant is a unique combination of Mediterranean culinary flavours and fresh local ingredients.


      A delicious buffet which rotates daily, featuring Vietnamese, Asian, and Western favourites. An additional corner offers special cuisine for more variety, suitable for all ages.

      Casa Nostra

      • Italian cuisine
      • Exclusive views

      Delight in the aromas emanating from Casa Nostra's kitchen as you watch gourmet pizzas being hand-prepared for all to see. Delicious and authentic Italian flavours.

      Food Market

        From Western favourites made with seasonal local ingredients to imported delicacies for all ages. A rotating spectacular menu to delight all tastes.

        Doki Doki

        • Japanese cuisine
        • Exclusive views

        This restaurant offers an authentic culinary experience. Savour Japanese delicacies with freshly-caught ingredients. An immersion into Japan's gastronomic traditions, enhanced by the tropical surroundings.

        Elyxr Bar

        • Aperitifs
        • Exclusive views

        Indulge in the utmost elegance as you savour the world of cocktails and wine, served exclusively in the serene island setting (temporarily closed).

        1982 Sport and Fun Bar

        • Aperitifs
        • Exclusive views

        The perfect setting to savour a refreshing drink, with screens for watching live sports and an array of delicious beverages including beer, wine, and cocktails.

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