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  • International cuisine
  • Sea view

This is where Mediterranean and Asian cuisine come together in perfect harmony. Natura uses only the freshest ingredients, highlighting the bounty of the natural world. Guest can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner indoors or outdoors.

Repsol Guide “Sols”

Hispania Nha Trang

  • Spanish cuisine
  • Garden view

Premium Spanish cuisine, lovingly prepared by internationally-acclaimed chef Marcos Morán. Culinary creations which pay homage to Spanish culture and a well-stocked wine cellar.


  • Japanese cuisine
  • Sea view

Paying tribute to Japan’s rich culinary heritage, this Nha Trang restaurant serves sushi, teppanyaki, and grilled dishes in a setting that celebrates refined and discreet Japanese design.


  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Sea view

The perfect place to enjoy a casual meal or poolside beverage with a fresh ocean breeze. Our chilled out pool bar serves light bites, classic cocktails, and refreshing beverages.


  • Gourmet cuisine
  • Pool view

Named after the Greek goddess of light, this bar serves creative cocktails in a stunning setting with views of the sparkling ocean.

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