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The Level

Sasa restaurant

  • Asian cuisine
  • Garden view

This restaurant offers a wide selection of Southeast Asian dishes in a chic and casual atmosphere, in addition to a breakfast buffet for our guests. Opening times change seasonally.

Cape Nao Beach Club

  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Sea view

Savour an authentic Mediterranean moment with Spanish-inspired cuisine and fresh local seafood at our beachfront restaurant, offering a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. Opening time changes seasonally.

Pool bar

  • Light meals
  • Sea view

Perfect for light meals while enjoying a day at the pool. Discover this bar next to the main pool, offering a magnificent combination of relaxation, snacks, and refreshing drinks.

Elyxr Café

  • Light meals
  • Garden view

Enjoy relaxing moments of the day while savouring a cup of coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening at Elyxr Café, which boasts an open and lush setting. Opening times change seasonally.

In-room dining

  • International cuisine

Our guests can enjoy our excellent in-room dining service, featuring a variety of international, local, organic and vegan options. Opening time changes seasonally.

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