Unlimited versatility

Leave the organisation in our hands and we guarantee exceptional results. Make the most of our versatile spaces, a team of expert professional event organisers who will accompany you at all times, and the latest technology in each of our event rooms. Our fantastic location, just steps from Gloucester Road tube station, is ideal for hosting private events or wedding receptions.

Audiovisual equipment
Business centre
High-speed Wi-Fi
Natural light

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Event rooms

a room with a television and a table

Catering service

a buffet table with food on it

Private dining

a table with fruit and juices

A dream wedding

a building with black flags
1 / 4

Nuestros espacios

a room with a television and a table


11 Máximo personasNaN m²NaN x NaN

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  • Cócteln/a
  • Banqueten/a
  • Teatron/a
  • Escuelan/a
  • En Un/a
  • Imperial11
  • Cabaretn/a
a room with tables and chairs


30 Máximo personas28 m²5.4 x 5.3

Más información


  • Cóctel30
  • Banquete16
  • Teatro28
  • Escuela14
  • En U13
  • Imperial11
  • Cabaret12
a long conference room with a large table and chairs


90 Máximo personas71 m²13.2 x 5.4

Más información


  • Cóctel90
  • Banquete40
  • Teatro72
  • Escuela42
  • En U33
  • Imperial34
  • Cabaret30
a long conference room with chairs and tables


120 Máximo personas100 m²18.6 x 5.4

Más información


  • Cóctel120
  • Banquete64
  • Teatro100
  • Escuela60
  • En U45
  • Imperial52
  • Cabaret48

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