Visitors attracted by the fame of the Borussia Dortmund football team or the local beer, discover very quickly that this city offers far much more than that.

Much more than football

A visit to this beautiful city in northern Germany is a great holiday idea, thanks to its large open spaces, parks and numerous museums and attractions. Dortmund was badly damaged in World War II and later beautifully rebuilt and modernised, converting its old factories into cultural centres. The Alter Markt is the meeting point for local residents and the square is home to two of the most important breweries in Dortmund. Stroll down Friedensplatz, and shop on the Westenhellweg, the main shopping street.

The euro is the official currency in Dortmund. You can pay by credit card in most places in the city.
The official language in Dortmund is German and the most widely spoken foreign language is English.
The quality of Internet access is generally very good throughout the city.
The temperature varies from 0⁰C to 23⁰C during the year.

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