Discover our 9 restaurants and bars

Los Cocos

  • Local cuisine
  • Garden view

Savour the tastiest dishes prepared in traditional Cuban style. Revel in the traditional atmosphere that permeates every corner of this à la carte restaurant.

Los Taguascos

  • International cuisine
  • Garden view

The hotel’s buffet restaurant with a wide range of dishes adapted to all tastes. Enjoy dishes made exactly as you like them in real time at our show-cooking spaces.

Ranchón Playa La Picúa

  • Barbecue cuisine
  • Sea view

Located in the beach area with unparalleled views of the sea. It provides a terrace with a grill area preparing exquisite Cuban-style barbecues. Don’t miss it.


  • International cuisine
  • Garden view

A meal here is a genuine feast for all the senses. Elegant ambience, great decoration and delicious cuisine are the three fundamental ingredients of a dining experience that will never be forgotten.

Los Flamencos Cuban Club

  • Trattoria
  • Garden view

Pizzas and other Italian dishes are served for lunch in this restaurant surrounded by gardens. In the evening it offers a trattoria-style service with gourmet delights.

Santa María

  • Garden view

This bar near the hotel lobby serves mojitos and daiquiris as well as Cuban herbal teas, liqueurs and coffee. Which one would you prefer?

El Manglar Piano Bar

  • Garden view

Perfect for chatting, having fun or falling in love, it serves refreshing drinks, cocktails, spirits and coffee. A pianist sets the musical tone for the evenings.

La Jutía

  • Aperitifs
  • Pool view

A very special bar with a sundeck and a bar inside the pool itself. Drinks, cocktails and snacks for guests who prefer to relax and never leave the pool area.

Sport Bar

  • Garden view

A place to share unforgettable experiences with your friends or family. In addition to a wide range of different drinks, the bar also has a games room and some options which are not on the standard menu.

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