Hotely v Thanh Hoa

Ancient sites and temples, forests, caves, turquoise waters, beautiful beaches on desert islands and endless natural beauty in this coastal region in northeastern Vietnam. The hardest thing is deciding which to visit!

Legendary caves on paradise islands

Let's start with the Ben En Natural Park. The amazing biodiversity on each of its 21 islands makes it a must-see destination if you’re planning to visit Thanh Hoa on holiday. A very special place inhabited by numerous exotic species in danger of extinction. The crystal-clear and turquoise waters of Sam Son Beach is one of the top spots for scuba diving fans. Basking in the sun on its fine white sand is an experience you must not miss in Thanh Hoa. Adventure junkies can visit one of the most amazing natural sights in the region: the Bich Grotto, where legend has it that time passes quicker than on the outside.

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The official currency is the dong. You can exchange foreign currency in banks and exchange offices.
The official language is Vietnamese. Many of the locals know some basic English.
Free Wi-Fi is widespread in the most populated areas in the region. The quality of the signal in hotels is very good.
The weather is dry in winter and with a lot of rain in summer. The temperature is warm all year round.

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