Hôtels à Fuerteventura

A Mecca for fans of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing or scuba diving. Bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, this peaceful Spanish island is well-known for its beaches and beautiful desert scenery.

Desert scenery by the sea

The island is really popular thanks to its quiet beaches and great water sports, but we’ll start our tour in the centre. Wandering around the old town of Betancuria or the picturesque village of El Cotillo are great ways to make the most of your holidays in Fuerteventura. Another great idea is to go scuba diving and eat fresh fish in the Isla de los Lobos National Park, or hiking in the Corralejo National Park, popularly known as the Fuerteventura desert. Taking a dip in the natural pools at Aguas Verdes is a great way to end the day before admiring the sunset and spectacular views from the Morro Velosa viewpoint.

Nos hôtels à Fuerteventura

a pool with umbrellas and chairs
a walkway between palm trees
a room with tables and chairs
a pool and chairs on a balcony
  • Venkovní bazén
  • Bufetová restaurace
  • Dětský koutek
a beach with a hill and trees
a large room with a large fountain
a room with a bed and a table and chairs
a pool with palm trees and a beach
a restaurant with tables and chairs
  • Škola windsurfingu
  • Dětský klub
  • Venkovní bazén
a deck with chairs and a beach view
a room with a couch and chairs
a restaurant with tables and chairs on a beach
a pool with a deck chair and umbrella
  • Venkovní bazén
  • Podél pláže
  • Škola windsurfingu
Toutes les marques
a road going through a desert landscape
a mountain with a road and trees
a couple of people walking on a sandy beach
a group of people flying kites in the sky
a building with wooden balconies
The currency used is the euro. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks, and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
The official language is Spanish, which is spoken with a pronunciation similar to the Venezuelan accent.
Some squares and public buildings have free Wi-Fi hotspots.
La météo
The climate is warm all year round and is one of the island’s great attractions. The average temperature is 20⁰C with little variation.

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