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Nuestros hoteles en يوجياكارتا

a large room with glass railings and a large chandelier
a pool with a slide and trees
a room with a bed and a desk and a chair
a restaurant with a variety of food items
  • السلامة
  • خدمات الاستقبال والإرشاد
  • غسل الألبسة
a glass wall with a bar and a person behind it
a bedroom with a large window and a large bed
a room with white beds and a brown chair
a table with wine glasses and a view of a mountain
  • خدمة صالة اللياقة الرياضية لأربع وعشرين ساعة
  • غرف اجتماعات خلاقة
  • مسبح خارجي
a stone structure with Borobudur in the background
a bicycle leaning against a wall
a street with a person on a motorcycle

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