Hotelet në Yogyakarta

Jakarta’s little sister city is a much younger and dynamic place than the capital. There are few places in the world where the chaos is so exotic as in this city on the island of Java, still reigned over by a Sultan.

Hotelet tona në Yogyakarta

a pool and palm trees in front of a hotel
a building with palm trees
a pool with chairs and umbrellas in front of a hotel
a lobby with a marble floor and a marble floor
  • Siguria
  • Kujdestar
  • Lavanderi
a building with lights on
a reception desk in a lobby
a pool with plants on it and a mountain in the background
  • Palestër 24 orëshe
  • Salla takimesh dëfrimi
  • Pishinë e jashtme
a stone structure with Borobudur in the background
a bicycle leaning against a wall
a street with a person on a motorcycle

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