This is one of the most exclusive and glamorous spa cities in the world; a summer resort for the international jet set. Many people compare the luxurious marina of Puerto Banús with Saint Tropez.

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a swimming pool and a beach with palm trees
aerial view of a beach with buildings and a pool
a swimming pool next to a body of water
a beach with a swimming pool and a large building
a building with a sign and palm trees
  • Спортзал
  • Детский клуб
  • Конференц-залы
a beach with many chairs and a body of water
a large white building with trees and a pool by the ocean
a white building with palm trees and a road
a car parked in front of a building with a golf bag
a reception desk in a hotel
  • Оздоровительный центр
  • Спортзал
  • Детский клуб
a pool with a fountain in the middle of a resort
a bedroom with a bed and a couch
a large room with a large couch and tables
a pool with a fountain in front of a large building
a beach with a body of water and buildings
  • Оздоровительный центр
  • Круглосуточный спортзал
  • Детский клуб
a beach with a mountain in the background
a white bridge over a road
a group of white boats in a harbor
a city next to water
a yellow building with a sign and tables and chairs
people walking on a street with buildings and palm trees
The currency used is the euro. Most places accept credit card payments.
The official language is Spanish which, like in the rest of southern Spain, is spoken with an unusual accent.
Many beaches and public areas have free Wi-Fi hotspots.
The destination has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. The weather is warm. The average annual temperature is 17⁰C.

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