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Home to one of the oldest European civilizations, Bulgaria now also offers numerous first-class tourist resorts. This Balkan country bordering the Black Sea combines a fascinating history with idyllic ski resorts and beaches.

The scent of the Valley of Roses

The capital city of Sofia is an avant-garde and cosmopolitan city with huge avenues and historical buildings such as the Banya Bashi Mosque or the Sveta Petka Church. The Rila Monasteryhas been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is also a must-see attraction on your trip to Bulgaria. If you like history and archaeology you should also see the ruins in Plovdiv, the second oldest city in Europe. The beautiful old town in the ancient city of Nessebar is also a great place to visit. As is Varna on the shores of the Black Sea. On the way to the coast, we recommend you pause in the wonderful forests around Veliko Tarnovo and discover how the beautiful Bulgarian roses are grown in the stunning Valley of Roses, enjoying the delicious scent of the valley.

The official currency is the lev. You can withdraw money with credit cards, but many places don’t accept them for payment.
The official language is Bulgarian, although some foreign languages are also spoken.
Sofia offers a number of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Internet access is generally good in hotels.
The climate is continental. Temperatures are quite extreme, very cold in winter and hot in summer.

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