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Many people see the capital of the Czech Republic as the most beautiful city in the world. The medieval old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Buildings such as the iconic City Hall and the Astronomical Clock take you back to another age.

A fairytale medieval town

Let’s start with the huge Prague Castle, built in the 9th century and full of other spectacular buildings such as St. Vitus Cathedral or the Golden Lane. Many of the districts in this beautiful city are full of history. The most bohemian is Mala Strana, while the Jewish quarter is home to a cemetery and six synagogues, amongst which the Spanish Synagogue is the most beautiful. The historic centre is full of handicraft shops where you can buy the beautiful typical wooden puppets or Bohemian glassware. Clementinum is a large historic complex of buildings including a beautiful, well-preserved Baroque library that is more than 300 years old.

The official currency is the Czech koruna. We recommend you carry cash to pay in small shops and markets.
The official language is Czech. People who work with the public tend to be fluent in the main European languages.
Hotels, bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to customers. The quality of the connection is very good in hotels.
Summers are mild and winters are very cold and windy. The temperature over the year ranges from -3⁰C to 25⁰C.

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