Famous worldwide for flamenco, bulls and horses, this Andalusian city has an irresistible charm. As the popular Spanish proverb says, drinking the local sherry is a great remedy to combat old age.

A place to feel young

As soon as you set foot in its historic centre, the architecture of the Alcázar de Jerez is a clear indication of the Arab past that helps define the character of this city. Jerez has some of the few vestiges of Almohad architecture that remain in Spain. A heritage that contrasts with the mixture of European styles in another of its major monuments: the Church of San Miguel. Strolling through the popular district of San Miguel, admiring the beauty of its streets and the typical Andalusian buildings is an experience you must not miss in Jerez. In the heart of the city, the Cathedral, the Church of Santiago and the Arab baths are also big attractions.

The official currency is the euro. In small shops and street stalls, they do not usually accept credit cards.
The official language is Spanish, which the locals speak with a very peculiar and strong accent.
There are several free public Wi-Fi hotspots. The quality of the signal in hotels is very good.
The climate is mild and warm. The average annual temperature is 18⁰C.