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メリア コレクション(The Meliá Collection)は、独立した精神と当地の特色が際立つ、並外れた高級ホテルの厳選コレクションです。 メリア コレクションの各ホテルは個性豊かで、ホテル自体が特別な体験をお届けし、一生の記憶に残るひとときへとお客様をいざないます。


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Hotels as storytellers

Unique stories that enrich every hotel stay… From Sorolla’s cultural legacy in Paris to the wonders of the African Savannah.

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Iconic locations

Historic city buildings, remote destinations, breathtaking natural enclaves…

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A charming touch

A warm and attentive service culture that reflects our Spanish roots and values from the moment you arrive.

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Ngorongoro Lodge Meliá Collection

a green landscape with mountains and a lake

Meliá Serengeti Lodge Meliá Collection

a table set up in a field

Meliá London Kensington Meliá Collection

a building with lights on the side of it

Meliá Desert Palm Meliá Collection

a patio with a table and chairs and a lawn with a city in the background

Hacienda Del Conde Meliá Collection

a swimming pool with a large building and a large body of water

Villa Marquis Meliá Collection

a bed with a red headboard and a red pillow

Maison Colbert Meliá Collection

a bedroom with a bed and a table

Hotel Tenuta di Artimino Meliá Collection

a large house surrounded by trees

Summum Boutique Hotel Meliá Collection

a bedroom with a bed and a table

Ratxó Retreat Hotel Meliá Collection

a pool surrounded by trees and buildings
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Café Clotilde

a room with a couch and tables

Dos Almas Restaurant

a plate of food on a table


a plate of food on a wood table
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