They say that the most international city in Germany has two side: the first its famous financial centre, modern, avant-garde and dominated by skyscrapers, and the second its fairytale historical centre.

Nuestros hoteles en フランクフルト

a building with a tree in front
a building with trees and a road
a building with glass doors
a room with a yellow couch and a black rug
a lobby with a reception desk and a yellow chair
  • 24時間ジム
  • 会議室
  • 専用駐車場
a tall building with many windows
a tall building with lights on
a reception desk in a room
a room with tall columns and a view of a city
  • 24時間ジム
  • 会議室
  • イベント
a building with purple lights
a building with many windows
a pink statue on a black and white counter
a room with a couch and chairs
a black wall with shelves and a pink dog
  • 24時間ジム
  • 会議室
  • 独創的な会議室
a tall buildings with trees in the background
a park with trees and a sculpture in front of a tall building
a tall building with many windows
a tall building with many windows
a building with glass windows
  • 24時間ジム
  • 会議室
  • パーティー・宴会
a city with many buildings and a river
a city with tall buildings and trees
a bridge over water with a city in the background
a building with columns and a stone wall
a glass ceiling with many people walking
a group of people in a terminal
a city with many tall buildings
a city skyline with many tall buildings
a group of burgers on a shelf

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