Sierra Nevada

This is the ski resort with the greatest amount of sunshine in Europe. Although it’s famous for its winter sports activities, this area of southern Spain also has a beautiful National Park that is great to visit at any time of year.

The pleasure of skiing in the sun

Just 32 kilometres from Granada, the Sierra Nevada ski resort offers a really wide range of sports activities. It has a large cross-country skiing area and also organises night routes with snowmobiles as well as nights for stargazing. The Mirlo Blanco activity park also has a unique roller coaster in the snow. Experienced hikers will enjoy the routes through the peaks of the Veleta or Mulhacén mountains. Hikers with less experience with climbing can just explore the Sierra Nevada National Park, starting at its El Dornajo interpretation centre.

Mata uang
The currency used is the euro. You can pay by credit card and withdraw cash at banks and ATMs.
The official language is Spanish. People who attend the public often speak the main European languages.
The area where the ski resort is located, Monachil, offers free Wi-Fi hotspots.
In winter the average maximum temperature is 9⁰C and in summer the maximum get up to 24⁰C.

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