Located in the south of Spain, this gateway to the Costa del Sol houses magnificent architecture in its historic centre. Huge beaches and a great atmosphere are the best ways to combat stress.

The epicentre of Andalusian museums and culture

Start your visit to Malaga by boosting your energy with its most popular breakfast: “churro” fritters with chocolate at the Atarazanas Market. Another place you have to see is La Manquita. This is the name given to the city’s Renaissance cathedral due to the fact that there is a missing tower that was never completed due to lack of funds. The cultural and architectural heritage of the city is concentrated in its historic centre. The Alcazaba is a fort from the Muslim period that is also home to a beautiful collection of palaces, gardens, fountains and patios. Strolling allong the Calle Larios, the most popular shopping area, is another thing you shouldn’t miss in Malaga. The hometown of Pablo Picasso has a museum dedicated to the artist and displaying more than 300 of his works. After a dip on Malagueta Beach, a dinner with fried fish or a skewer of sardines is a great way to end the day.

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The currency used is the euro. Credit and debit card payment is accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish. People who work in the tourism industry are often fluent in English, and quite often in German and French too.
Municipal buildings provide free public Wi-Fi. Coverage is very good in hotels.
The climate is mild all year round. Winters are mild and the proximity to the sea has a calming effect on the summer heat. It doesn’t rain much and any rain that does fall comes between November and March.

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