This city allows you to travel back in time and revisit the most splendid years of the magnificent Chinese empire. It is a good place to start a journey along the Silk Road and could also be the beginning of the journey of your lifetime.

Home of the emperors

For over two thousand years, Xian hid one of the most important archaeological sites in history. Even today, a lot of mystery still surrounds the silent army of more than 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors that guard the tomb of the first Emperor of China. The warriors, their horses, weapons and their magnificent state of conservation are the main attraction of a city that is also home to many other treasures. It is impossible to visit Xian without discovering the pleasures of touring the city centre in a tuk-tuk and visiting the Great Mosque or the Da Ci’en Buddhist temple, one of the most famous in China.

Mata uang
The official currency is the renminbi. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and exchange offices.
The most widely spoken language is Mandarin Chinese with some variations typical to the region. A good part of the population also knows basic English.
You may have problems seeing certain content due to government control of the Internet.
The temperature varies a lot throughout the year. It ranges between 6⁰C and 32⁰C.

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