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目的地场内活动一价全包 (Onsite Destination Inclusive®) 式体验

Woven beauty

Experience first-hand the fusion of creativity with local textile work thanks to the hands of our craftspeople. Discover your artistic skills, create your own piece and get closer to Canarian craftsmanship through one of our unique fabric workshops.

The incredible world of aloe vera

We show you how to extract aloe vera from the plant called succulent, as well as other curiosities that we will teach you in our workshop. Discover the many health benefits that aloe provides thanks to its antioxidant and moisturising properties, among others.

Authentic flavours of the Canary Islands

Don't miss the opportunity to taste the delicious selection of wines and Canarian food that we especially prepare for our guests. During the workshop, you will discover the features and unique taste of Canarian products, all enlivened by typical Canarian music.

Among brushes and watercolours

Join us for a fun workshop full of creativity. Get started in the art of drawing and painting. Taught by the artisan Guacimara Melián, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience where you will certainty take your work home as a souvenir.

A special atmosphere filled with light and fragrance

Make your own candle in this workshop, an ideal opportunity to learn from local artisans. In an easy and dynamic way, you will be the author of your unique and personal creation, and you will receive a nice gift from your stay that will warmly illuminate your moments.

Canarian wine and cheese tasting

Nothing better than a tasting of regional products to get closer to Canarian cuisine. Good food lovers will have a wonderful time as our workshop brings you the opportunity to discover a curated selection of Canarian wines and cheeses, a unique combination of local flavours.

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