The Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar is one of the most important Baroque treasures in Spain. The most iconic monuments in the Aragonese capital merge both Islamic and Gothic architecture. And the tapas use only the best fresh products!

Nos hôtels à Σαραγόσα

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  • 24-ωρο γυμναστήριο
  • Εξωτερική πισίνα
  • Δημιουργικές αίθουσες συσκέψεων
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a building with a curved roof
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The currency used is the euro. Some small businesses only accept payment in cash.
The official language is Spanish. English is frequently used with visitors.
The main stations, squares, gardens and public buildings have free Wi-Fi.
La météo
Summers are very hot and winters are cold. There is little rain.

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