This is one of the most beautiful places on the Spanish Costa del Sol. Its picturesque white streets with coloured flowerpots and even more colourful flowers give it a typically Andalusian feeling, in contrast to the murals on its façades.

Nuestros hoteles en Estepona

a swimming pool and a beach with palm trees
aerial view of a beach with buildings and a pool
a swimming pool next to a body of water
a beach with a swimming pool and a large building
a building with a sign and palm trees
  • Γυμναστήριο
  • Kids club
  • Κέντρο συνεδριάσεων
boats in a harbor with buildings in the background
a beach with umbrellas and chairs
a group of boats in a harbor
a courtyard with trees and plants in pots
a street with white buildings and a yellow tower
The currency used is the euro. Credit cards are accepted in most places.
The official language is Spanish, which is spoken with a peculiar closed accent.
The city has several free public Wi-Fi hotspots. They generally allow access for 1-hour periods.
Summers are very hot and sunny, winters are windy. The temperature ranges between 9⁰C and 30⁰C during the year.

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