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جماعة سول تعني طريقة خاصة للعيش والمشاركة إنها عائلتك, أصدقاء عائلتك, أولاد أصدقائك هي أن تعيش عطلة مليئة بالطاقة والنشاطات والاسترخاء واللحظات السعيدة التي لا تنسى وجميع الجماعات مرحب بها في حياة سول هذه هنا

Expresiones de marca


Fun and activity are guaranteed in our Sol pools. Coloured slides, play areas, water sports and areas for adults to relax in peace.

All Day Food

Bars and restaurants perfect for sharing meals, discovering local specialities and enjoying all the colour and flavour at any time of day. You can also have fun at our workshops and cooking classes with all the family.

Rooms by the Sea

From couples to large Tribes, our rooms are perfectly prepared to ensure you don’t miss a thing, with all the details required to ensure you have a great time and enjoy peaceful rest.

Safe fun

We’re perfectly prepared to welcome you with all the measures taken to ensure you are all always safe and happy.


Activities to help you forget about your routine, relax, recharge your batteries and celebrate life together. And of course, the little ones are also very welcome.


Evenings are also designed for fun. Live shows, parties, discos or open-air cinema so the fun carries on after the sun goes down.

Discover Sol Katmandú Park & Resort

Sol Katmandu is the first resort located in the heart of a theme park in Mallorca. Here the fun includes everything and the imagination has no limits. An exciting adventure for adults and children that all of you will enjoy to the fullest.


Katmandu Adventures

Action-packed days full of fun led by our Navigators (specialist monitors) in impressive facilities where kids learn all about the Katmandu myths and legends. A legendary holiday!

Surfing the Sol

Catch the wave and ride the crest of the wave in the best surfing destinations. We provide a great choice of hotels with surfing schools.

Cook with us

Taking a cooking class is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture. We provide you and your Tribe cooking class sessions which will highlight some of best local dishes.

Summer Parties

In summer we have so much to celebrate. Come and join our Rouge de Soleil, Mediterranean Party or Flower Chic with live music, DJs and fun and games in the open air.


Kids have their own little corner of paradise, their own private domain. Games and activities for all ages and the fun never stops.

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