Savor a restaurant serving tasty barbecued dishes that you will love. A menu of superior-quality meat and fish dishes with a choice of sauces and side dishes in a modern and elegant ambience.


Grilled meat

With an ever-changing menu, savor one of the most popular grills in Brasilia accompanied by a carefully selected wine list. The day begins with breakfast for our guests and continues with lunch or dinner open to all the public. A selection of dishes designed to surprise all of our diners.



Elegant design

The lines on the walls and ceiling, very careful lighting and a combination of stone and wood enhance the ambiance of the room and make this restaurant the most elegant and welcoming place. A restaurant that won the Prix Versailles 2018 international award for architectural design, supported by UNESCO and the Union of International Architects (UIA).

Tasty specialties

Ideal for guests who just cannot resist a great barbecue. Treat yourself to the most tasty and tender cuts of meat and fresh fish. Accompanied by a selection of sauces, garnishes and delicious desserts, and all served in a sophisticated and very modern ambiance.

Parking included

Norton provides free parking during restaurant opening hours. Our guests can always enjoy their meal with the peace of mind of having safe and convenient parking.

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