Hôtels à กัวลาลัมเปอร์

Every part of this spectacular city is full of contrasts, as it grows upwards like a tree but without ever losing its roots. Iconic skyscrapers that touch the sky alongside peasant houses that dot the land.

Colonial past, futuristic present

The striking combination of a colonial past and futuristic present make Kuala Lumpur a must-see destination in Southeast Asia. The awesome city skyline, dominated by the Petronas Towers, is one of the most famous features of a very lively city which is home to numerous cultures. Some of the most popular things to discover in Kuala Lumpur include strolling through Little India with its numerous street stalls selling flowers and preparing offerings for the temples, walking through Chinatown, haggling at the Central Market or going up the 85 floors of the Petronas Towers to admire the views.

Nos hôtels à กัวลาลัมเปอร์

a room with a bar and chairs
a room with a bed and a desk
a pool with a drink and a table
a conference room with a table with green bottles and chairs
  • โรงยิม
  • ห้องประชุม
  • สระกลางแจ้ง
a dog standing in front of a reception desk
a room with a television screen
a room with a couch and tables
a room with a bar and a couch
  • ห้องยิม 24 ชั่วโมง
  • Kids Club
  • ห้องประชุมแบบครีเอทีฟ
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a large asian building with red lanterns
a woman in a yellow dress and hat standing by a railing in a large building
a person cooking food on a fire
The official currency is the ringgit or Malaysian dollar. It’s easy to exchange foreign currency at banks and exchange offices.
The official language is Malay or bahasa melayu. A large part of the population speaks English correctly due to the city's colonial past.
You can easily connect to a free public Wi-Fi network in most parts of the city.
La météo
The climate is tropical and rainy. The average temperature is 26⁰C and the wettest month is April.

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