Hotelet në Lisbona

In the steep, cobbled maze of streets in the historic centre of the capital of Portugal there is an air of nostalgia that is both charming and magical. Ageing buildings with cast-iron balconies with clothes hanging out to dry are the ideal place to listen to fado.

Hotelet tona në Lisbona

a room with a couch and a plant
a room with a computer and shelves with books and plants
a bar with a counter and chairs
a room with tables and chairs
a room with tables and chairs
  • Palestër
  • Dhoma takimesh
  • Ngjarje
a building with trees and a road
a van parked outside of a building
a pool outside of a building
a building with cars parked on the side of it
  • Spa
  • Palestër
  • Dhoma takimesh
a castle on the water with Belém Tower in the background
a bridge over water with a city in the background
a colorful building with tables and chairs
a city with many buildings and people walking

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