The largest island in Greece is a land full of great contrasts, myths and legends. Accompanying many kilometres of beautiful white-sand beaches and coast, discover a landscape that is unique in the world, including the Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe.

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a pool with chairs and tables and palm trees
a walkway with chairs and umbrellas in a row
a living room with a stone wall and couches
a pool with chairs and a deck chair
a tree in front of a building
  • Спортзал
  • Детский клуб
  • Конференц-залы
a swimming pool with palm trees and a building
a swimming pool with palm trees and a building
a building with a glass door
a reception desk in a room
a reception desk in a hotel
  • Спортзал
  • Детский клуб
  • Открытий бассейн
a beach with a boat in the water
a white buildings with windmills on a hill
ruins of an ancient building with Knossos in the background
The currency used is the euro. If you are travelling with money in another currency, you can easily exchange it at any foreign exchange office.
The official language is Greek. People who work with the public tend to be fluent in one of the main European languages.
The quality of Internet access is very good in hotels. In areas further away from urban centres there may be some problems with the signal.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, sunny summers and mild, rainy winters.

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