Cayo Coco

The most popular inhabitants are the elegant, long-necked, pink flamingos. As well as watching flamingos, you can also enjoy all the opportunities to relax and feel like time is standing still.

The dance of the flamingos

The beautiful nature of Cayo Coco surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and dancing pink flamingos, make this the ideal place to spend a holiday for total relaxation. The stunning turquoise-green colour of the sea contrasts with the unspoiled beaches and the vivid colours of the coral reefs and all the different fish and creatures that live on them. Mangrove forests, caves and a rich biodiversity, which you can see in even greater quantities in the lush jungle in the Viñales valley.

The official currency is the Cuban peso. Some small local businesses prefer to be paid in cash.
The official language is Spanish. However, English is widely spoken in the tourist areas.
Hotels generally have good quality Wi-Fi.
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The climate is tropical. The average temperature is 25⁰C. In summer, the sun is often interrupted by showers.

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