The huge beaches with fine sand and enviable weather throughout the year make this city the most coveted holiday destination for people who love the sun, the sea, beach games and paella!

Endless summer

Located on the Spanish east coast, the city of Alicante is full of life. Its beautiful historic centre, lively squares, parks and art centres make it one of the most vibrant cities on the Costa Blanca. Just off the coast is the Island of Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Valencia region. The waters have been declared a Mediterranean Marine Reserve due to their excellent quality and the biodiversity of the flora and fauna. The old tobacco factory and Central Market are two iconic city buildings. The city is famous for its cuisine, particularly its rice dishes.

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The official currency is the euro. There are 24-hour ATMs throughout the city providing international service.
The official languages are Spanish and Valencian, which is the language used by the local community. English is widely spoken in tourist facilities.
Internet access is very good and the vast majority of restaurants, bars and cafés provide free Wi-Fi.
Alicante enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot summers with temperatures regularly over 30⁰C and cool, dry winters.

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