Soak up the decadent beauty of this melancholic coastal city in north-western Portugal. A stroll at sunset through the Ribera del Duero, a World Heritage Site between the Don Luis I and Arrábid bridges, is an experience as nostalgic as it is unforgettable.

Bohemian streets and excellent wine

Between the famous cathedral (La Sé) and the banks of the River Duero is the Barrio Do Barredo, a place you have to see to understand the true essence of Porto. The old buildings with cast-iron balconies and clothes hanging out to dry, create a bohemian and nostalgic image that is difficult to forget. Visiting the Bolhao Market, climbing the Clérigos Tower, watching the sunset from Luis I bridge or eating a “francesinha” or “bacalhau” in Brás are experiences you must not miss in Porto. You also have to try the famous port wine! The Baroque Church and Tower of Clérigos has a 76-metre tower which is the best viewpoint in the historic centre. The beautiful neo-Gothic Lello e Irmao Bookstore was a source of inspiration for the set designs for the adventures of Harry Potter.

Mata uang
The currency used is the euro. We recommend you carry cash as many small business don’t accept credit cards.
The official language is Portuguese. Many of the locals speak Spanish due to the proximity to Spain.
Some bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. The quality of Internet access is good in hotels.
Summers are hot and sunny, winters are cold and rainy. The temperature over the year ranges from 6⁰C to 24⁰C.

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