A paradise for travellers who like yoga and meditation . With thousands of Hindu temples scattered all over this exuberant volcanic island, Bali is a magical destination where you can get away from stress and be at one with the sea and nature.

Island of the gods

Ride the waves in one of the top surfing destinations in Indonesia. Fans of water sports, yoga and meditation find Bali a genuine paradise in which to connect with the calm of its stunning natural environment. Sunbathing on beautiful beaches, meditating in one of its temples, playing with the cheeky monkeys at Luhur Uluwatu, strolling through beautiful rice paddies, haggling in the famous Ubud market or savouring the local cuisine, are just some of the most attractive things to do in Bali, famous worldwide as the jewel in the crown of Indonesia.

Mata uang
The official currency in Bali is the Indonesian rupiah, although prices are often also given in dollars. We recommended you carry cash.
The official language is Indonesian, but Balinese is also spoken. English is widely spoken thanks to tourism.
Most hotels have free Wi-Fi. The quality of the signal varies depending on whether you’re in a rural or urban area.
Temperatures range from 20⁰C to 33⁰C and there are basically two seasons: dry and rainy.

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