The magic of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘The Town Musicians of Bremen’ and its famous statue can be felt on each and every street in this beautiful Hanseatic city.

Strolling through a fairy tale

A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster set out on a journey to this charming city in search of a better life. And they weren’t wrong! Among the attractions to discover in Bremen are the Marktplatz and Bremen Cathedral, both in the heart of the city. Sunsets over the River Weser and a stroll along the Schlachte promenade are also a must if you visit a city which has become a source of inspiration for all culture lovers.

Mata uang
The official currency is the euro. 24-hour ATMs are available and most places accept credit cards.
The majority language is German, although there is a regional dialect called Bremisch. For those who don’t speak it, understanding it is really difficult.
Wi-Fi access in Bremen is very good. In some parts of the city you can connect to a public network easily and free of charge.
Rain is frequent throughout the year. In winter the temperature falls to around 0⁰C, and in summer it does not get over 25⁰C.

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