Cayo Santa María

All the different shades of blue in the Caribbean contrast with the fine white sand on 10 kilometres of beach on the most popular little island in Cuba. If you’re looking for paradise, you’re very close to finding it.

The most spectacular marine flora and fauna

Visiting Cayo Santa María is a great way to disconnect and recharge your batteries during your vacation in Cuba. The most difficult thing about it is deciding which of the wonderful beaches to rest on. La Perla Blanca, Las Caletas, Las Gaviotas, Cañón and Cuatro Punta are some of the most spectacular beaches. The sea is home to diverse marine flora and fauna, and also ideal for scuba diving. If you prefer water sports, the island is also a great place for kitesurfing. The island is also home to the Church of San Juan, one of the oldest in Cuba.

Mata uang
The only official currency is the Cuban peso. Except in hotels, where you can pay by credit card. We recommend you carry cash.
The official language is Spanish with a variant that includes words from the indigenous languages spoken on the island before colonization.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. In the rest of the island, there are normally problems with the signal.
Tropical climate with an average temperature of 26⁰C. The summer is wet and it usually rains.

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