Sao Paulo

This is a truly immense city in every sense of the word. A city that never ends. The biggest city in the southern hemisphere has so much contrast, and part of its appeal is that you can see one thing in one place, and the opposite just a few steps away.

Samba in “Sampa”!

Known as “Sampa” by those who know the city best, Sao Paulo has the reputation of being the Ibero-American capital of good food. The financial centre of Brazil is as dynamic and flowing as the samba often heard on its streets. The grandeur of the city can be felt as soon as you start walking past the skyscrapers along the Avenida Paulista, where the Martinelli Building with its Italian origin and turbulent past became the first skyscraper in Brazil. Another of the treasures in a city with such a rich architectural tradition is the neo-Gothic cathedral.

Mata uang
The official currency is the Brazilian real. You can easily exchange foreign currency or withdraw cash with a card in the city's international banks.
Portuguese is the official language. English is also widely spoken in tourist areas in the city.
The city has a good Internet access network. There are numerous free public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Tropical climate with cold winters and mild summers. The rainy season is from October to March and the dry season from April to September.

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