Costa de Caparica

One of the largest sandy areas in Europe and only half an hour by car from Lisbon. A distance that is well worth travelling to enjoy 30 kilometres of endless beaches and the best surf schools in the world.

Surfing between dunes and waves

Crossing the River Tagus over the famous 25 de Abril Bridge towards the city of Almada, you reach this fabulous stretch of sand which is very popular amongst the locals. If you want an unforgettable experience in Costa de Caparica, we recommend you get on a surfboard and try to master the fierce waves of the Atlantic. If that seems a little too adventurous, board the Transpraia tourist train that runs through the sand dunes alongside the sea to get the feeling like you’re surfing on the sand! The endless beaches at Costa de Caparica are dotted with beach bars from which to admire the best sunsets in Portugal. Another of the great attractions is the Praia dos Medos area in Albufeira and the Fossil Cliff on the Costa de Caparica.

The currency used is the euro. In some small shops, payment by credit card is not accepted.
The official language is Portuguese. Due to the similarity between both languages, if you speak Spanish they will probably be able to understand you.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. Some bars and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi to customers.
Summers are warm and clear, while winters are cold and rainy. The temperature during the year ranges from 9⁰C to 27⁰C.

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