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Famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Felix Mendelssohn once lived in this beautiful city. The musical tours marked on the pavements allow you to discover the places where famous classics were inspired or written.

Let the music play

Music is the most prominent of all the impressive cultural attractions. In the Augustuplatz, the Gewandhaus concert hall, home to one of the most famous symphony orchestras in the world, faces the Opera, the third oldest opera house in all of Europe. Visit the Old City Hall, the Altes Rathaus, built in 1556, and stroll around the Mädler Passage, a large shopping area while you’re in Leipzig on vacation. The Volki, a monument to the Battle of the Nations, is one of the city’s most famous icons.

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a bed with a large window
a room with tables and chairs and a painting on the wall
a patio with tables and chairs on a rooftop
a restaurant with tables and chairs
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a building next to a body of water
a large building with a clock tower and people walking around
a statue of a man in a coat outside of a building
a group of people walking in a street with christmas decorations
The currency used is the euro. Although cash is often used, most establishments accept credit cards.
The official language is German. However, the Upper Saxon or Obersächsisch dialect is also spoken in the city.
The quality of Internet access in the city is good. There are several free Wi-Fi hotspots in the city.
Summers are mild and winters are long, cold and windy. The temperature varies between -2⁰C and 25⁰C throughout the year.

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