Thought that steak was pretty much the same everywhere? Think again. This modern steakhouse with elegant lounge pulsates with energy, music and an unbeatable atmosphere, as well as the finest grilled dishes. Meat lovers, this is the place for you.

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Temple of grilled food

A place to worship great flavours. Specialising in meat dishes, STK Steakhouse offers superior quality and one of the city’s most exclusive and festive atmospheres. A place to eat and drink in an elegant and sophisticated setting.

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Culinary talent

The menu includes different cuts of meat, fresh fish and sustainable products which are transformed into genuine works of art.

Quality in every mouthful

STK uses the best ingredients from round the world in each of its signature dishes.

Festive atmosphere

An unbeatable atmosphere is created within these walls. The walls, colours, music, architecture and exclusive cocktail menu make this place a real night-time museum.

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