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Отели в Макасар

The main port of entry to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is also a journey into its past. Enjoy the bustling commercial port and the fishing boats arriving with a fresh catch that you can buy or eat in the market next door.

The bustle of a fishing village

Some say it’s a city that you just pass through, but it’s actually a destination where you should stop and enjoy the best seafood. Seeing all the traditional boats known as Phinisi in this fishing city is an unforgettable experience. Other essential places to see in Macasar include the Maros Stone Forest or the Takalpa Waterfalls, where you can also see the beautiful butterflies that abound in the area. In the Dutch colonial Fort Rotterdam, made with stones and clay, visitors can discover the fascinating history of the city.

Наши отели в Макасар

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a bed with a black headboard and a chair
a room with a table and chairs
a tray with bowls of clay and flowers
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a large building in a city
a multicolored building with a dome with Sri Siva Subramaniya temple in the background
boats in the water with mountains in the background
Li River with mountains and houses
The official currency is the Indonesian rupiah, also known as perak. We recommend you carry cash, especially to use in the markets and flea markets.
Indonesian and Javanese are the most widely spoken languages. In tourist areas, residents tend to know basic English.
The quality of Internet access is good in hotels. In the city there are some areas that have signal problems.
The climate is tropical with significant rainfall most months of the year. The average temperature is 26⁰C.

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