Built in the middle of the 20th century and in the middle of nowhere in the central plateau in Brazil, it is now one of the most futuristic capital cities in the world. A favourite destination among engineers and architects.

Back to the future

Founded in 1960, Brasilia is the only city built in the 20th century that has been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO. The urban planner Lucio Costa designed the city in the shape of an aeroplane or butterfly, and walking the streets and seeing his visionary project is very impressive. Just as surprising are the spectacular futuristic buildings designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, such as the National Congress or the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia. Going up the TV Tower to see a panoramic view of the city is a must.

As in the rest of Brazil, the official currency is the Brazilian real. Foreign currency can be exchanged easily at banks and exchange offices.
The official language in Brasilia is Brazilian Portuguese. Spanish is the second most spoken language. English is also quite widely spoken.
Brasilia has numerous free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city. The connection and speed varies depending on the network provider.
The climate in Brasilia is warm throughout the year. The temperature varies between 12⁰C and 29⁰C, and rarely drops below 9⁰C.

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