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Ресторан 57

  • Международная кухня
  • Вид на бар / ресторан

Experience innovative cuisine 220-meters above ground. Savor an international meal in the sky with a combination of fresh local ingredients and Spanish influences.

57 Lounge

  • Тапас
  • Вид на бар / ресторан

Discover the beauty of Vienna nights in our exclusive 57 Lounge Bar. Savor a traditional or innovative cocktail on the outdoor terrace and listen to our guest DJs on Fridays and Saturdays.

Бар и ресторан The Flow

  • Международная кухня
  • Вид на реку

Whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening, the Flow bar and restaurant awaits you. In a very relaxed ambiance, it serves a tasty and balanced breakfast, a buffet for lunch and great after work cocktails with views of the Danube that will take your breath away.

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